4140 Voices (2017)
For 24 channel audio
Created by The Overheard in collaboration with Marie Højlund.
The sound piece 4140 Voices is a composition written especially for the memorial monument at Mindeparken, Aarhus. The material is based on recordings of citizens of Aarhus reciting the names of the 4140 Danish soldiers who fell during the First World War. These names are engraved in the stone walls of the memorial monument. Through the composition of voices a new sensory connection is created between the present day inhabitants of Aarhus and their history. Reciting creates a vibratory sensibility that enables the audience to relate in a bodily manner to the names engraved in the limestone. The names become more than mere letters when they are activated through sound; they become bodies again and create a special experience due to the extraordinary acoustics within the memorial monument.
***** From the paper Aarhus Stiftidende: “Although it is almost 100 years since the soldiers fell, a war memorial is still a sensitive place to expose to an artistic intervention, but "4140 Voices" is s discreet intervention and works well without forcing violence on the special atmosphere of the place. On the contrary, the place is activated and thus makes the memory of the deceased all the more present.”