Cassette Memories - sound on sound excerpt 
Cassette Memories (2013)
Performative installation/workshop in collaboration with Andrew Prior. Premiered at Roskilde Festival, July 3rd and 4th 2013.
Consortium for the Preservation of Cassette Tape (CPCT) presents:CASSETTE MEMORIES- a media archaeological excavation of the cassette tape and its use - from a human and tape perspective.
Listen to your present time tapes and you will begin to see who you are and what you are doing here*
Side A: We remember tapeAs our first childhood medium that brought us our first musical experiences and made it possible to make our own tapes- or as an obsolete medium that today is something that is associated with our older brothers or parents? As a way of sharing music and making mixtapes for parties or lovers?

Side B: Tape remembers us.The rotating capstan and pressure roller pressing against my thin polyester tape coated with chromium oxide, transferring the magnetic domains to the playback heads. The battle between narrow tapes with poor signal/noise ratio and engineous noise reduction leading to a portable music medium sounding differently on different cassette decks, walkmen and car stereos?