Close to You Fragments (2020)
Video piece, written in collaboration with Allan Gravgaard Madsen
'Close to You' is an artistic research project and collection of physically engaging music experiences. The full version of 'Close to You' will be premiered in 2021.

ARTISTIC DIRECTION & CONCEPT: Morten Riis & Allan Gravgaard Madsen PERFORMER: Christian Dierstein, percussionSOUND RECORDING: Sebastián Zuleta SOUND EDIT & MIX: Morten Riis VIDEO RECORDING: Merlin Blumenschein VIDEO EDIT: Morten Riis & Allan Gravgaard Madsen
'Close to You' is produced by Foreningen 458 in collaboration with ensemble recherche with support from the Augustinus Foundation, KODA Culture, Danish Arts Foundation, Danish Composers' Society and Kulturstiftung des Bundes.
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