Hemmeligheder Bygger Bro (2018)
For automated carillons and speech to MIDI algorithm.
Created by The Overheard in collaboration with Marie Højlund.
During the summer of 2018 the citizens of Aarhus, Denmark, were invited to call in their innermost secrets to an automatic answering machine.
These intimate glimpses into their hidden life were transformed into musical notes, using special made software, that could be played by the city's townhall carillons.
Throughout Aarhus Festuge, the bells filled the airwaves in central Aarhus, transforming the intimate hidden voices into public ringing announcements.
Photography by Malte Riis
Made with support by the Danish Arts Foundation
Premiered by Aarhus townhalls carillons. Also performed in Randers, Herning and Silkeborg