Magnetic Groove Memories (2014) In collaboration with Sandra Boss, Jonas Olesen, Lone Koefoed Hansen and Søren Pold The exhibition Magnetic Groove Memories at Roskilde public library (January 2014) included different workshops where we investigated how recording and playback apparatuses physically can carry the past into the present; a conceptualization that manifested itself through an artistic archaeological staging that enabled the users to engage with these media objects within the archival space, thus experiencing the operational temporality at close hand. Using cassette tapes and vinyl records, we exposed how auditory and cultural knowledge is bound to the physical reproduction media. Furthermore, it became clear that in order to understand our sounding history, the framing of complex mediated voice­objects needs to be expanded further to include both the machines that execute these voice­objects and the cultural formations surrounding these, e.g. various types of handling, sharing, repairing and maintaining. In addition, both the exhibition and the workshops brought forth many personal histories from participants about relations between the materiality of specific recording and playback media and their wider uses and cultures, including how e.g. vinyl records and cassette tapes have become an important part of individuation processes, lived life, and artistic and cultural practices. Consequently, both exhibition and workshops serve as a model of artistic research into (music) media cultures and their current, post­digital changes and into how this relates to history and memory. In several ways we discovered that history is not linear but is instead looping, layered, spiraling and multi tracked.