Opaque Sounding (2014)
For modified slide projectors, mirror ball, tape recorder and transducers
Opaque Sounding is an attempt to introduce and point out that the technical tools we as humans have used to stage our dramas - both on and off stage - in itself have the potential to become dramas. Instead of using technology to stage a narrative drama on stage, perspective changes so that the drama moves behind the scenes, in a staging of the fragility of technology and its build-in dramatic potential that lies within the functionality and fallibility of the physical machines.
Opaque Sounding is a work that uses outdated projection technology partly as a visual expression, but also as the central sounding. As a reconfiguration of the mechanical and physical properties of the device that traditionally were used to create visual fantasies and wonders, the projection device will now be transformed into music machine that processes its own version of a forgotten technological utopia dealing with the all absorbing audio-visual immersion. A performance where the instability and fragility of the physical mechanical is going to appear like a key focal point in a constant dialogue between performer and machine.
Premiered at ACTS Festival, Roskilde 2014.