Sensations of The Pure (2015)
For electro magnets, pulse wave, tuning forks and resonant tubes
Premiered af Klang festival, Copenhagen 2015
Since the start of electronic based music in the last century, composers and scientists have been driven by the notion of finding ultimate control over tonal material. This drive has given rise to a myriad of technological advances and inventions that make possible the creation of 'not before heard sounds' and their organization into new musical forms and structures. Central to these inherent advances is synthetic sound and its ability to build any imaginable or unimaginable sound from simple building blocks.These building blocks, which are basic tones with associated overtones, were created and described in 1863 by the German physicist Hermann von Helmholtz who constructed a device, which among other things, could reenact sounds and the human voice through tuning forks controlled by electromagnets. The ‘Sensations Of The Pure’ is Helmholtz original tuning fork instrument rendition but in a modified version, which is created through an acoustic experience of synthetic sound.